With the sounds of her music you are transformed and carried away. It is a surreal and utterly emotional experience that can only be crafted from an artist who has known great joy and inexplicable tragedy.  She and her music are bold, determined, dynamic and absolutely impactful.

Montreal based musician, Suela Mero, has spent decades honing her craft and searching her heart for the fodder that has fueled two tremendously powerful albums: Truly Yours, and Don’t Tease The Dragon, scheduled for release later this year.


Originally from Albania, she and her family have experienced severe political persecution, banishment and were torn apart from each other for nearly a decade.  Since moving to Canada in 1996, however, Suela has shown us exactly what she is made of.


Behind the work is a diversely talented woman who sings, writes and produces music from the ground up.  Showing both great passion and talent from the ripe age of five, despite the turmoil she experienced in her home country, Suela discovered great mentoring and constant encouragement which eventually brought her to Canada to study at McGill, compete very successfully in Canadian Idol, and create piece after piece of viscerally original music.  


In 2005, on New Years eve, the entire nation watched as news reports of a massive thirty-five car pileup on highway 401 spread across the airways. It was during the recovery from this incident when she discovered an inspiration like never before. She began writing new material at a furious pace, meeting with industry professionals, taking requests from D.J.’s wanting to remix her songs. She now performs regularly around Montreal and is enjoying the great success of her highly anticipated debut album, Truly Yours.

Her upcoming album, Don’t Tease The Dragon, is scheduled for release later this year.