Suela’s second studio release Don't Tease the Dragon, is a study of life, love, human patterns of seduction, personal evolutions of self & musical direction. The title track to Don't Tease the Dragon carries listeners directly into the true nature of Suela’s innovative musical approach following the release of her debut album Truly Yours in 2010.

Her riveting use of various musical styles, alongside a hint of melodic guitars, deep hypnotic bass lines and absorbing rhythms, carries listeners into Suela’s latest musical evolutions as of the first listen! From the onset of the album’s hugely successful single Replay, to the experimental “trip-hop-esque” voyage taken in “Fame is Free”, we are brought into a musical exploration of Suela’s various facets of songwriting; sometimes carrying us into what seems like a dream-like trance of melodies, & other times leading up to captivating rhythms perfectly suited for any dance floor!

On the opposite end of this album’s spectrum, a traditional approach is conveyed through Suela’s rendition of Think of You, where her Albanian roots are unveiled, and the natural elements of her voice embrace her native heritage. In it, we are transported to a distant place, where one immediately feels at ease.  

Throughout Don't Tease the Dragon Suela delivers a performance much closer to her inner-voice, conveying a personal journey to listeners through her lyrics & vocals.